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又半年过去了,还是有这个 bug,比如我用 Chrome 右键翻译 reddit 的这段文字:

The comment section here is pretty disheartening. People are jumping to “toxic fish” and mixing perception of risk with actual risk.
The issue is that there is a bunch of water with tritium in it. Chemically, tritium oxide is indistinguishable from water. There really isn’t another option but to release it some way. Evaporating the water just means it will fall as rain somewhere.
This article is terribly written for helping people gauge risk. Tritium already exists in seawater at some natural level. To gauge risk, we need to know: 1) the tritium concentration naturally in seawater, 2) the concentration of tritium in the waste water, 3) the expected increase in tritium local to the release site.
My bet is that the release plan will barely alter the local tritium levels. Tritium has a half-life of 12 years anyway, so there will be less than 1/8th of the tritium around over the 40 year release schedule anyway.

这里的评论部分非常令人沮丧。 人们正在转向“有毒鱼”,并将对风险的认识与实际风险相混合。
问题是里面有一堆 water 。 化学上,氧化 tri 与水无法区分。 确实没有别的选择,而是以某种方式发布。 蒸发水只意味着它会像雨一样落在某处。
本文的撰写是为了帮助人们评估风险。sea 已经以某种自然水平存在于海水中。 为了评估风险,我们需要知道:1 )海水中 naturally 的自然浓度,2 )废水中 of 的浓度,3 )释放地点局部 expected 的预期增加。
我敢打赌,释放计划几乎不会改变当地的 levels 水平。 无论如何,的半衰期为 12 年,因此在 40 年的发布时间表中,around 的总寿命不到 1/8 。

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