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回复了 kssdxw 创建的主题 问与答 一个普通人该如何维护自己的权利呢?较真是否错了?
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回复了 chenbin36255 创建的主题 OpenAI copilot-gpt4-service 被 github 封了吗
之前用过,被发信了,老老实实用 api 吧


On behalf of the GitHub Security team, I want to first extend our gratitude for your continued use of GitHub and for being a valued member of the GitHub community.

Recent activity on your account caught the attention of our abuse-detection systems. This activity included use of Copilot that was indicative of scripted interactions or of an otherwise deliberately unusual or strenuous nature. While we have not yet restricted Copilot access for your account, further anomalous activity could result in a temporary suspension of your Copilot access.

While I’m unable to share specifics on rate limits, per our [Acceptable Use Policies](, we prohibit all use of our servers for any form of excessive automated bulk activity, as well as any activity that places undue burden on our servers through automated means.

Please also refer to our Terms for Additional Products and Features for [GitHub Copilot](
最低起充 50 ?不给开小额度测试一下的吗?
AI assistant 不花钱是用不了的,以前好像刚激活送几天体验来着

考虑成本就在医院验光,根据数据配镜,网上配蔡司基本上可以到 3 折左右
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回复了 ruoyutx 创建的主题 iPhone 请问有用过官网回收的吗?有套路吗?

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回复了 djangovcps 创建的主题 问与答 大家麦当劳现在都在咸鱼买了吗?
麦咖啡 5.5 比瑞幸便宜,很实惠
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