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回复了 fanxasy 创建的主题 MacBook Pro 这 intel mbp 的散热我人都傻了
If your MacBook Pro runs hot or shows a high % CPU for the kernel task, try charging on the right and not on the left.
High kernel_task CPU Usage is due to high chassis temperature caused by charging. In particular Left Thunderbolt port usage.

Solutions include:

Move charging from the left to the right side. If you have a second charger then plug it in on the right side. Avoid plugging everything on the right side (see last paragraph below).
Unplug something from the left side. Either power or another accessory until the battery is full.
Force fans to max before plugging in. iStatMenus has an easy Sensors -> Fans menu item to do so. This only helps in marginal conditions.
Move to a cooler room.
If using both laptop display and external display try switching to just one or the other (I switched to external only, laptop lid closed). Some MBP (eg 15" Intel touchbar models) have a design quirk where this config can get hotter than it should.

看了一下文章 似乎电源插在右边比较好。。。
来源 https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/363337/how-to-find-cause-of-high-kernel-task-cpu-usage/363933#363933
自己折腾了一下 openwrt 可以给 switch 加速了,建议楼主想折腾可以研究下
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广州七年搬了 5 次家。。。
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