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@haynes123 #70 铸铁锅重,买熟铁的锅就行
No, the screenshot taken on a color-distorted monitor using the screenshot tool (QQ, WeChat) will not look normal when sent to another computer with a normal display. This is because the screenshot captures the image as it is displayed on the screen, including any color distortions.

QQ screenshots capture the image from the pixel RGB level, rather than capturing the image as it appears to the human eye. This means that the screenshot will reflect the exact colors that are being displayed on the screen, even if those colors are incorrect.

In the scenario you described, where computer A has a yellow-tinted display, any screenshots taken on that computer using QQ or WeChat will also be yellow-tinted. This is because the screenshot tool is capturing the image as it is being displayed on the screen, and the screen is displaying the image with a yellow tint.

If you then save the screenshot to a Word document and open the document on another computer, the image will still be yellow-tinted. This is because the Word document is storing the image data as it was captured in the screenshot, and that data includes the yellow tint.

To prevent screenshots from being affected by color-distorted monitors, you can use a color calibration tool to calibrate the monitor. This will ensure that the colors displayed on the screen are accurate, and that screenshots will also be accurate.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

* The quality of the screenshot may also be affected by the compression settings used by the screenshot tool. Higher compression settings will result in smaller file sizes, but they may also introduce some artifacts into the image.
* The resolution of the screenshot will also be affected by the resolution of the monitor. A screenshot taken on a high-resolution monitor will have more detail than a screenshot taken on a low-resolution monitor.

I hope this helps!
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艾芬 那个吹哨人做了 眼睛失明了
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